How to afford Private School...

The Arizona Private School Tax Credit.

Arizona’s Private School Tax Credit program is an excellent way to cover the full cost of tuition.    Residents of Arizona can donate their Arizona Tax Liability to create scholarships for their child’s private school tuition.   Scholarships are available to students of all income levels.

How to get started.

Educate yourself.   This program is not complicated, but you do need to learn how it works.   The best way to gain a good understanding of how it works is to attend a coaching session offered by a school tuition organization.  These 45-minute sessions will give you the knowledge you need to fund your child's education. You can attend a session by clicking here.

Apply. The state requires you to apply for the scholarships.   Applications can be found here.

Who can apply for scholarships?

Any K-12 student enrolled in an Arizona private school.

Additional details, eligibility requirements, and frequently asked questions can be found here.